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Saturday March 20th Indoor Virtual Nationals Spot Shoot

Saturday April 10th Outdoor 3D regional 

We are pleased to announce that the club will be starting our youth archery night program November 6th at 7 pm. Youth archery will be held each Friday of the month starting in November. By the beginning of the year we will be starting a new format that we feel the kids will love through the Scholastic 3D archery program S3DA. We invite all ages to come and participate all the way through high school seniors.

Due to Covid restrictions and safety process any child that would like to participate will need to register no later than 12 pm on the Friday of the shoot. We ask adults and children to wear masks when they enter the club house.  Parents are asked to observe their child from the common area outside of the range.  At this time, parents will not be allowed in the range with the other children and coaches for safety.  Parents may observe if there is the ability to maintain social distancing.  Should the common area not provide adequate space, we ask parents or those not participating to wait outside, or in their vehicle.  More info and special arrangements can also be made on request by speaking with the coaches.  If any family has a family member in their home that is showing signs of sickness, we ask that you not participate even if you or your child is not showing any signs of sickness.  

To get more information, please contact Chris.

Tp register, please visit the Calendar page and click on the event.

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