2 Gun Action Match - Carbine and Pistol

Events are open to the public

There will be running and shooting on two different stages. One stage is long with about 300 meters of running. The shorter stage will be handgun focused. This is physical with a focus on precision and speed.

Monthly Matches

The shoots will be the second Sunday of the month, year round.

See Club Calendar for dates


Sign up for the event will be done through Practiscore.com, it is free to register and use. If you do not have a Practiscore account, create one here: PractiScore Signup

Register for the event here Atglen 2 Gun Challenge

Meet at the long range for check-in and safety briefing.

Check-in from 7:30-08:15

Shooting starts at 9:00


$15 - Atglen Members

$20 - Non-members

Estimated round count:

100 carbine

100 pistol



Any magazine size in rifle and pistol. (Subject to any initial magazine limit to start stage)
Must wear rifle rated hard plates.
Ballistic helmet gets -5 second bonus for each stage.
Optics allowed on pistols.
Slick Limited:
No magnification on rifle.
Optics allowed on pistols.
30 rd magazine limit for rifle.
Flush fit, stock capacity magazines required for pistol.
Slick Open:
Any optics allowed for both rifle and pistol.
Any size magazines for rifle and pistol.
Pistol Caliber Carbine:
33 rd magazine limit for carbine.
Any optic allowed for the pistol caliber carbine.
Centerfire pistol calibers and 300 BO subsonic ammo permitted.
Optics allowed on pistols


  1. No binary triggers or full auto. Semi auto firearms only.
  2. No armor piercing ammo, no green tip, brown tip or the like.
  3. Rifles must be either cased and empty with a chamber flag inserted OR slung, no magazine, on safe with chamber flag inserted.
  4. Pistols are to be holstered, chamber empty with no magazine inserted.
  5. RSO will instruct attendee when to load and make ready. At no other time is live ammunition to be loaded into weapons at the match.
  6. Eye and Ear protection should be worn at all times.
  7. RSO is the ultimate say as to what is safe and if a rule was broken.
  8. Participants are not to possess or be under the influence of intoxicating substances like drugs or alcohol.
  9. Participants will not break the 180 degree plane at any time. Failure to follow this will result in immediate match DQ.
  10. Pistol holsters must be strong side only and of high quality. No nylon “Uncle Mike” type holsters. No SERPA holsters. Holster must retain the pistol for vigorous physical movement.
  11. If pistol or rifle after being loaded gets out of the control of the participant it will result in a match DQ.
  12. Match description will be available at each stage. RSO will be available to answer questions regarding the stage and how it is run.
  13. RSO will call out the hits of targets when possible.
  14. Run time of the stage will be based on total time, minus any bonus physical activities.
  15. This is a lost brass match, participants are not allowed to pick up their brass. A brass catcher may be used, stopping to pick up brass will not be allowed.
  16. Muzzle discipline must be maintained at all times by all participants. Failure to follow this will result in immediate match DQ and ejection from the property.
  17. Braced large format pistols are allowed to be used as rifles, all rifle safety rules apply.
  18. No ammo allowed at the safety tables or at the new participant check out.

What to Bring:

  • Pistol in 9mm, .40, .45, .357 Sig or similar.
  • At least 3 magazines for the pistol (more is better!) to get at least 30 rounds to the firing line for the pistol.
  • Rifle in 5.56, 7.62x39, 300 BO or similar. (Braced large format pistols are allowed)
  • At least 3 magazines for the rifle (at least 30 rds to the firing line).
  • A high quality strong side holster (no Serpa, no nylon Uncle Mikes type) with a sturdy belt.
  • Wear body armor and helmet if you wish (see the rules for the division).
  • Eye and ear protection for all attendees, not just for the shooters.
  • Magazine carriers for your extra rifle and pistol magazines.
  • Sturdy foot wear, no flip flops, crocs or the like.
  • Bring at least 100 rounds rifle and 100 rounds pistol ammunition. (More is better)
  • Spare batteries for optics.
  • Water to stay hydrated.
Time Plus (Points) match

Contact Information

Steve Narewski

Email: steve.narewski@gmail.com

Match Results

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